Hexes and Exes (Spaghetti Romances, Book 3)

Hexes and Exes cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Spaghetti Romances

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Indie

Pages: 74


Roma is just trying to get some work done in her apothecary, when in pops her cheater of an ex, Ralph Tortellani. He is the last person she wants to see, and then he has the nerve to tell her that they need each other?! In a fit of rage, she creates a small tornado that sweeps him off in to another plane. She knows that she will probably pay for that one at some point. What she couldn’t know is that this one event will lead to a cast of (unwanted and unwelcomed) characters, from her own mother to the whole Tortellani clan, showing up and bringing chaos, laughter, and most of all love.

I’ve been looking forward to new work from Jordan, and this latest installment in the Spaghetti Romance series did not disappoint! Like the previous stories, this is set in Robyn Peterman’s Magic and Mayhem Universe and continues the storyline of the Tortellani family. The world was well established in the previous two novellas and continues in this one. The character development continues to be great, as we learn more about this wacky family and new characters are introduced. If you’re an animal fan, the familiars will steal your heart! As this is the third in the series, I would recommend reading the previous two installments before this one to familiarize yourself with the backstory (plus they’re really fun and funny, as well!), but they are all novella length, and perfect for a quick read with lots of laughs!

A Vampire’s Purgatory (A Romance in Central City, Book 8)

A Vampire Purgatory cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Romance in Central City

Genre: PNR    

Publisher: Indie

Pages: 163


This novella finds us back in Central City, for the last time. Panthera has, somehow, figured out a way to make their Revenants stronger and more resilient. The Guard follows one of them back to his home, and watches as he dies in the arms of his sister. This horrific incident leads to Ricard, one of The Guard’s lead scientists, feeling very strongly for Jess- the Revenant’s shocked sister. By strongly, I mean in a bond sort of way. Obviously, this is not the time for a bond to pop up, but you can’t really choose when these things happen. Ricard is determined to find the answer to the question of how vampires exist. He knows that this is the answer to stopping Panthera. Jess is determined to obtain revenge for the loss of her family, brought on by Panthera. Can the two help each other find what they are looking for, and find their happy ending?

I have loved this series from the beginning. While I am a bit sad that it is over, the story was definitely ready to come to a close. Jordan ended it in the most satisfying way that it could have been ended. It feels complete, and fully realized. Saving Ricard and Jess’ story for the end was lovely. They are both dynamic, but vulnerable characters. They were given great depth, especially considering that this is a novella. If you’re looking for a great PNR short story series, I highly recommend this one.

Magic and Mayhem: Secrets, Lies, and Meatballs (Spaghetti Romances, Book 2)

Secrets lies and meatballs cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Spaghetti Romances

Genre: PNR


According to her grandmother and her parents, The Meatball knows who Lena is supposed to marry, but Lena isn’t buying it. She has no interest in eating a meatball that has been simmering in what is, admittedly, delectable smelling gravy for thirty-three years! Especially is said meatball is supposed to make her fall in love with someone against her will. The issue: Someone stole her mate-ball, and ate it. Now she, and her magic, are going nuts. To make matters worse, family secrets have some to light that are seriously complicating matters for her. Is she willing to bend to the will of fate, and eat the meatball, to save those that she loves?

This is the second novella in the Spaghetti Romances series, which is a part of Magic and Mayhem Kindle Worlds. These novellas have been a great new series. They are laugh out loud funny, along with a great story. The characters are all great, and well developed, especially for the limited space to develop them in a novella. They all have their own quirky personalities, which allows the reader to identify with them and visualize them easily. The world building is well done, without any obvious holes. The story is well paced, so it doesn’t take too long to read it, but if you need to put it down it would be easy to pick back up where you left off. If you’re looking for a fun escape, try out this world of witches and shifters!

It’s out today, so check it out!

Author Interview: Jordan K. Rose

Hey there, all of my wonderful readers!!! We have a treat today: An amazing author, whom I feel very privileged to call a friend, Jordan K. Rose, has stopped by to visit and answer some questions!


Hey Jordan!! Happy Book Birthday!! Thanks for stopping by to visit with me for a little bit. It’s great to catch up with you.

Hello Tiffany! Thanks for having me on your blog today. It’s a big day for me with the release of Her Vampire Protector, book 7 in the Romance In Central City series, and if there is anyone I want to celebrate with me, it’s you! We had such a great time together in Boston and New Hampshire last October. I’m so grateful we had a chance to finally meet in person.

I am too! We did have such a great time. I can’t wait to do it again! So, as you mentioned, today is the release of book 7 in the Romance in Central City series (which I love!). Where did you get the inspiration for this series?

This is one of those series that I can’t remember how the idea came to me! That sounds crazy, but honestly, I don’t recall! In spite of having a complete lack of memory on how the idea for the series came to me, I can say that I recall how certain characters’ traits arrived. For example, Selene’s scene with the cupcake was inspired by an unfortunate experience I had shoveling Death By Chocolate cake into my mouth in what can best be described as a very unladylike display of eating. More accurately, it was an animal-like moment, resulting in a dire need for a glass of milk and someone on Heimlich standby. 

That’s hysterical! I’m actually picturing that right now. As we have found out over the years, we both have an affinity for chocolate (especially dark), so I can definitely see this scenario! Now, on to some questions about you: How did you begin your writing career, or did you always know that you wanted to be an author?

I actually never thought about writing until about 5 or 6 years back when I received a copy of Twilight as part of my anniversary gift from my husband. After that I read some 18 or 19 vampire novels and, bam! I wanted to write my own book. Since then I have never looked back. 

I, for one, am very glad that you got those books and got started! Speaking of other books and authors, who are your favorite authors?

I love Charlotte Bronte, Christine Feehan, Hildie McQueen (and not just because of her writing! Hildie is a dear and wonderful friend.), Jane Austen, Kerrelyn Sparks, MaryJanice Davidson, and JR Ward to name a few. 

I love Hildie, as well! I am so glad that you introduced me to her. I got to meet her at RT a couple of years ago, and she was just wonderful. I know this is always a hard question to answer when you read a lot, but what is your favorite book? Is there a book or series that you could read over and over again, and never tire of?

A few of my favorite books are: C.S. Lewis’s Trumpet of The Swan, which is one of the most beautiful stories every written. I could read it a thousand times and never tire of it. Jane Erye is another favorite. Mr. Rochester is something else and scrappy little Jane is a favorite heroine. But, being that I love paranormal I might even love Jane Slayer, Sherri Browning Erwin’s mashup a touch more. What’s not to love about adding vampire and werewolves to one of your favorite stories? Last year I read Tarzan for the first time and LOVED it. Of course, I did watch the recent Alexander Skarsgard movie and kept picturing the super-sexy vampire Eric Northman as Tarzan so that probably had something to do with it! Lastly, I love Christine Feehan’s Dark Series. Dark Prince is my absolute favorite and I’ve read it several times. 

I, too, am a Lewis fan, but I haven’t read that one. I’ll have to! I haven’t read Tarzan in years. I may have to re-read while picturing Skarsgard, and see how that goes! Haha! So, what are you reading right now?

Right now, I’m reading a couple things- like any reader! I’m reading Jane Eyre again. Carrie Ann Ryan’s Tattered Loyalties, Kresley Cole’s The Arcana Chronicles, and I’m starting Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans Series.  

I completely understand. I think that I am reading 4 books right now, myself. I’m not sure that I could read that many while trying to write my own, though. That’s impressive! What do you like to do when you aren’t reading and writing?

I love going to the beach with hubby or going hiking with my dogs. Recently I took my first cake decorating class which was a lot of fun, though I learned I need A LOT of practice! 

I took one of those several years ago, with a friend, and it is definitely not as easy as they make it look. Those little roses are kind of difficult! Are there any upcoming projects that we should know about?!

YEEEESSSSS!!! I’m so excited. This year has so much activity crammed into it I’m afraid if I blink I’ll miss it. So here’s what’s coming: In June I’m releasing my second book in the Spaghetti Romances Series, which is set in Robyn Peterman’s Magic and Mayhem Kindle World. In July an extended version of my novella, Delia & The Werewolf will release in a Box Set titled, Alpha’s of Summer. Later this year book 8 of The Romance In Central City Series comes out. I just saw a markup of the cover and L-O-V-E it! Then, before the year is out the first book in my next series, a spinoff from the Romance In Central City Series will launch. 


When I say I’m excited, I mean sometimes I hear squealing and when I stop and focus, I realize it’s me! 🙂 


It’s a great year! 


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I can also be found at the following social media sites: 


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And don’t forget to follow the hashtag #CentralCityRomance for more Romance In Central City news! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with us today!!! I had so much fun!!!

As mentioned in the interview, the release of Her Vampire Protector is today! Here is the cover, and they buy links, so y’all go check it out!!!

her vampire protector cover

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kIoO1D

iBooks: http://apple.co/2kmyBts

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2kc9Dd4

B/N: http://bit.ly/2mC6ysW

Google: http://bit.ly/2ldGiAN



Maria & the Angel: Extended

Maria and the Angel

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Short Seductions

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Pages: 41


This hot little novella had me seriously considering finding and Angel to mate with!

This, like the others, begins at Seductions, the bar filled with Others. Maria, the Werewolf, and Dante, the Angel, are having a great time dancing the night away. That is, until the subject of their mating comes up. Maria has yet to broach the subject with her Alpha, which does not sit well with Dante. They have been together for several lifetimes, and he wants to make their bond official. Maria isn’t sure how this will go over with her Alpha and the pack. Dante threatens to leave her, in a fight that will end with the hottest of endings.

We all know by now that I love were’s. They are probably my all-time favorite paranormal being. Maria is a kick-ass were! I loved her attitude and spunk. That combined with Dante, the Angel (who knew they could be so hot… and hot tempered!), and you have a fantastic story! Jordan did a wonderful job of bringing these two beings together in a way that I, for one, did not see as possible. Now, with the extended version, there is much more to the story of these two who were never supposed to mate, but were somehow destined to from the beginning! Love otherworldly beings with a side of steam? You’ll love it!

This extended version has been released as part of the Roar, Growl, & Kiss Boxed Set, which features tory from many other incredibly talented authors. Here is the Cover and the link for you guys!!

Roar Growl & Kiss Cover




The Vampire’s Prophecy (Romance in Central City, Book 6)

Vampire Prophecy cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Romance in Central City

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Pages: 144         


This book takes us back to the town of Central City, where the Vampire Guard is still trying to figure out what exactly Panthera is up to and how to stop them. As all of them do, this book focuses on a particular member of the Guard: in this case, Gabriele Barone (Gabe). Gabe is the brother to Rafe, whom we fell in love with in book five- The Vampire’s Penance. Like his brother, Gabe has been lonely for quite a while. Unlike his brother, Gabe decides to do something about it- in the form of going in to online chatrooms. While in one of these chatrooms, he meets a young woman names Aurelia. After chatting and texting with her for a while, he decides that he needs to meet her. Little does he know, Aurelia is working with the Guard’s Panthera enemy in order to repay them for the wrong that she believes came to her father at the hands of the Guard. What Aurelia doesn’t know, is that she is just a pawn in this dangerous game. Can Gabe save himself and Aurelia? Will he want to save her, once he finds out who she truly is?

As I have said previously, I love this author & this series! The stories in this series keep getting better, as the plot continues to move forward. There is always something happening, so there are no stagnant points in this short story. The characters are well developed, and the world building continues throughout each book. If you are a PNR fan, you really need to check this series out!

The Vampire’s Prophecy is out now! Find it here!

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Prophecy-Romance-Central-City-ebook/dp/B01DUY4C92

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-vampires-prophecy-jordan-k-rose/1123670377?ean=2940158150340

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-vampires-prophecy/id1100509759?ls=1&mt=11

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/the-vampire-s-prophecy

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Jordan_K_Rose_The_Vampire_s_Prophecy?id=JQLjCwAAQBAJ&hl=en

Start of 2016

Hello everyone!

I hope that the new year is treating you all well,  so far! It has been super busy for me, already, as things have started off with a bang at work this year. I have taken the first little bit of this year to try and map out my reading goals and what I hope to get accomplished this year. It is quite a bit more than what I set for myself last year, but I hope that I will be able to get it done. You guys all keep me motivated to keep going, and sharing my thoughts, so thank you for that!

There are several series that I am hoping to get through this year, that I have been putting off. Some of them are ones that have been out, and popular, for some time and I just haven’t gotten around to them yet, and some you may not have even heard of. I hope that you won’t mind journeying with me through these series. There will be some stand alones in there to break them  up, though, so don’t fret! I will also be re-reading some of my favorites, which I do every year. Some of those I will share with you, and some I may not, as they have been reviewed to death (like Harry Potter). There will be a lot of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & YA this year, as that seems to be where the reading list is headed, but there is quite a bit of Stephen King and some Joe Hill on there, as well. Quincy J. Allan has promised some new books this year & and I’m pretty sure that Jordan K. Rose will have something new out, so I’m very excited about that! A little birdy also told me that Jamie Lee Scott has some new reads coming out, so I can’t wait to see what those will entail!

My intent is to post every Wednesday and Saturday (and some in between, as needed), whether that be just an update or an actual review. I look forward to this year with you guys, and hope you all have a wonderful year!!! As always, thanks for reading!