When Darkness Whispers

When Darkness Whispers cover

Author: Lisa Carlisle

Genre: PNR/Military Romance/Mystery

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Pages: 288


Eva Montreaux is a Marine, but not a “normal” Marine. She is part of a program that creates biologically enhanced military personnel. She and her team, NEO 17 (comprised of several supernatural beings), have been sent to Okinawa on two missions. The first is to find out who or what has been serially killing the American troops stationed there. The second is a civil mission, to attempt to create peace amongst the locals and the troops, as there has been much animosity recently. While on patrol one night, Eva runs in to a group of Marines that know her from a deployment before her enhancement. The problem, her memory from that deployment is gone. A side effect of her treatments was amnesia, leaving large gaps in her memory, save for brief flashes of the past. One of those Marines is Gunny Marcos Delacruz. Eva doesn’t remember anything about him, except for his piercing eyes. When she brushes him off, because she can’t explain her memory loss, he seemed incredibly angry although Eva doesn’t understand why. As Eva struggles to reclaim her memory and uncover her past with Marcos, the murders keep piling up. With everything going on on the island, Eva must untangle her feelings and the secrets that Okinawa is harboring.

This is the second book of Carlisle’s that I have read, and it just reminded me that I really need to read more of her work. This was a great outing for her! It was a PNR read, but the “romance” part of the story was not the primary focus of the book. It was more focused on the mysteries- who is murdering American troops, and what is the connection between Eva and Marcos that she can’t remember. The descriptiveness of the setting was great, and made it easy to visualize. The character development was wonderful, for the main characters. It may have been a little bit lacking in the secondary characters, but certainly not enough to take away from the story. It was very well paced, and thoroughly enjoyable. I truly hope that we get watch Eva and Marcos’ story develop.


The Crown’s Fate (Crown’s Game book 2) *Spoilers, if you haven’t read The Crown’s Game yet!!*

Crown's Fate cover

Author: Evelyn Skye

Series: Crown’s Fate

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Pages: 417


The Crown’s Game ended, at the order of Pasha, but no one is particularly happy with the outcome. Vika is now the Imperial Enchanter, but she is only at Pasha’s right hand because she is forced to be. Pasha has lost his best friend (and brother) and the girl that he loves, at his own orders to end the Game. Nikolai survived, after sacrificing himself to save Vika, but only just. He is surviving as a shadow in one of his own dream lands. When he finally finds a way out of that dream, he is a much darker version of himself, a Shadow Prince. He is set against Pasha for what he has done, and wants to have Vika at his side, but he will fight against them both, if he must, to obtain the power and revenge that he seeks. Meanwhile, there are still uprisings, and those who wish to overthrow the Crown, as Pasha Coronation Ceremony draws near. The three of them may tear Russia, and each other, apart before this game comes to an end.

This sequel to The Crown’s Game was wonderful! It took on a much darker tone (as was set at towards the end of the previous novel) than its predecessor, but was still fast paced, and a very quick read for me (I didn’t want to put it down). I honestly, at several different points, found myself unsure of whom I was rooting for, because I came to care for these characters. Skye truly makes you feel for each of her characters, and their internal struggles. The wonderful character building and descriptiveness of the writing continued in to this novel. The prose was, again, really lovely to read. I am now an Evelyn Skye fan, and look forward to her next work.

The Crown’s Game

Crown's Game cover

Author: Evelyn Skye

Series: Crown’s Game

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Pages: 416


Vika can summon lightening, rain, wind, snow, and ice. She can change and turn these elements in to whatever she needs them to be at the time. Nikolai can conjure clothing out of bunches of material, see through walls, and build bridges out of raw materials. They are enchanters, and each of them have been trained since they were very young to be the imperial enchanter to the tsar. There is only one problem, there can only be one. There was only ever supposed to be one. It has only happened a handful of times in Russian history, that there have been two. With uprisings happening across the country, and wars being threatened, the tsar needs his enchanter, so he does what he has to do in order to get it: He begins the Crown’s Game. The Game pits the enchanters against one another in a competition where only one will come out alive. One will either kill the other to win, or the game will kill the loser. Can either one of them really kill the other, though?

I waited a while to read this one, and I really wish that I hadn’t. I will admit that I have never really been a huge fan of any type of historical novel, but this one grabbed me from the beginning, and sucked me right in to the Game! I never would have believed that this was Skye’s debut novel, had I not been told. It certainly did not feel like one. The characters were all very well rounded, and fleshed out. The world building was phenomenal. I could see the enchantments as they were being performed and/or described. The romance was there, but it was not the only/primary focus of the novel. The only good thing about my waiting so long to read it is that I didn’t have to wait very long to get the sequel in to my hot little hands!

Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe

Spaceman cover

Author: Mike Massimino

Genre: Memoir/Biography

Publisher: Crown Archetype

Pages: 336


Mike Massimino, or “Mass” as he is known to many, had a childhood dream: to be an astronaut. He wanted to go to space. He grew up on Long Island, when that wasn’t really a popular dream to have where he was from. Nevertheless, he worked hard and made his way to Columbia and MIT. He then proceeded to fail his first PhD exam, and be repeatedly rejected by the astronaut program. This is where that New York grit came in to play. He didn’t give up, became an astronaut, went to space, and wrote us his riveting memoir about it all.

            I absolutely loved this book! It was so interesting to learn about his journey to becoming an astronaut, and then his time working with NASA. He answered so many questions, and I learned so much from this memoir. I did listen to this book on audio, and I definitely think that this should be listened to (even if you read it in print first)! Massimino’s tone and inflection really made it all the more enjoyable. This is a must read, if you are a fan of science, space exploration, or just great memoirs!

When Darkness Whispers Release!!!

When Darkness Whispers promo

Some memories are better left forgotten…

Haunted by an unclear past, biologically enhanced Marine, Eva Montreaux, can’t be distracted from her mission. With American troops being brutally murdered on the island of Okinawa, it’s more than priority. It’s critical. But when her investigation brings her face to face Marcos Delacruz, it triggers memories. Ones she lost. Memories that somehow include him.

Marcos Delacruz has tried to forget the woman who left him with nothing but empty promises. Even now, three years later, Eva doesn’t seem to express any guilt over breaking his heart. In truth, she seems to barely recognize him. This deployment has been challenging enough with too many restless spirits haunting the island. But when his own investigation forces him to cross paths with her once more, Marcos discovers there may be a deeper truth.

With the number of murders climbing rapidly and the rising need to track the murderer across the tropical island, Eva struggles to reclaim what she lost. But the island holds darker elements–a serial killer. One that doesn’t appear to be human.

Thrust into a world she can’t escape, Eva must discover a way to stop a murderer from destroying anyone else’s future, but how can she succeed if she can’t even remember what role Marcos played in her past?

      When Darkness Whispers is a unique blend of paranormal and military romance you won’t want to put down! If you like haunting mystery, spine-tingling suspense, and Japanese mythology, you will love When Darkness Whispers!

Hey Guys! Lisa Carlisle’s newest release is out!! It looks awesome, and of course there will be a review as soon as I read it! Check it out!!


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New Work from Author Lisa Carlisle Coming Up!!!

                             When Darkness Whispers

When Darkness Whispers promo

Haunted by an unclear past, biologically enhanced Marine, Eva Montreaux, can’t be distracted from her mission. With Americans being murdered on the island of Okinawa, it’s critical. But when her investigation brings her face to face with Marcos Delacruz, it triggers memories. Ones she lost. Memories that somehow include him.

You guys will remember this wonderful author from my past review of her novel Knights of Stone: Mason, you know, the series with the hot Gargoyles! She’s back with this new novel, which promises to be very different, but looks like it will be awesome. I, personally, can’t wait to get my hands on it! Of course, my review will follow once I do. It releases this Thursday, May 11, so pick up a copy!





Trespassers Will Be Prostituted (Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery, Book 9)

Trespassers Will Be Prostituted cover

Author: Jamie Lee Scott

Series: Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: LBB Company

Pages: 159


Mimi Capurro (co-owner of Gotcha Detective Agency) is burned out, and in dire need of a vacation. She and homicide detective boyfriend, Nick, are planning on a trip to Italy. Nothing ever works out quite right for them, though. Meanwhile, a young girl makes her way in to the Agency, and in to Charles’ office. She claims that she was kidnaped and placed in to a sex trafficking ring. She says that she was taken with a thirteen-year-old girl, whom she was unable to save when she escaped. She begs for their help in getting her out. Now, the Agency is eyeballs deep in trying to take down a Russian sex trafficking ring, and may be in for more than they expected.

This is the ninth installment in the Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery series. I love this series, and all the main characters in it. Throughout the series, Mimi, Charles, Nick, Max, and the rest of the gang have been continually developed in to amazing characters. The book can easily be read, even if you haven’t read the rest of the series, but it is even more enjoyable if you read the whole series! The plot is well researched, well thought out, and moves at a great pace. The story is told in alternating viewpoints (Mimi and Charles), but is done very well and never gets confusing. Although the story is centered on very disturbing subject matter, it doesn’t ever get graphic so there is no need for avoidance due to that. This book was a quick read, and great if you are looking for a fun mystery.