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Sad Start

Hi Everyone,

I’m so sorry that there have been no reviews posted yet. We have had a bit of a sad start to the year. My step-dad, sadly, passed away. I have been here with my mom, trying to help her get things in order. I have several reviews ready to be written, and they will be posted as soon as I return home (or possibly sooner). Thank you all for hanging with me, and understanding. My love to you all.




Hello, my dear readers!

2017 is gone, and I am back from my extended blogging break. I hope that you all had amazing holidays, and are looking forward to a wonderful new year. I am hoping to be able to stay on a much better schedule, with fewer interruptions this year. Stay tuned for my first review of the new year, coming up tomorrow!



Little Gray Dress

Little Gray Dress cover

Author: Aimee Brown

Genre: Cotemporary Romance

Pages: 218


Emi has an issue that most of us have been able to relate to, at one time or another: a broken heart with unresolved issues. She thought that she had put that behind her, when she moved halfway across the country from Jack, the reason for the aforementioned broken heart. That is until her twin brother’s wedding, which happens to be to Jack’s little sister. Emi is now thrown in to a wedding party with Jack, in a bad bridesmaid’s dress, and to make matters worse, he is engaged to her arch enemy. What’s a girl to do? Get drunk, and hoof it to the nearest bar, of course! Enter Liam. Could he be the one to help Emi get over Jack? Does she really want to get over him at all?

Where to start?! You all know by now how I feel about romance, but this one worked for me. The pace was fast enough, and the characters engaging enough, that it didn’t drag me down in to the romance death spiral that some regular romances do. Brown did a wonderful job in character development, especially for a debut author. The characters were all well fleshed out, well rounded, and played off of one another very well. The plot was also very well thought out, and didn’t seem to lag much, if at all. It jumps back and forth between “present day” and before Emi and Jack’s break-up, but the time jump work’s in this case. It doesn’t give you whiplash, and isn’t confusing to follow. It’s well thought out, and gives a much needed backstory. Honestly, the only negative thing at all that I found were a couple of proofreading errors, which can (and does!) happen in any author’s book. It certainly wasn’t enough to detract from the enjoyment of the book. If you’re looking for a fun contemporary romance and/or a great beach read, give this one a try!

It releases tomorrow, so you can pre-order here:

Love, Murder, & Mayhem Release

~ Book Blitz ~
Love, Murder & Mayhem

About the Book

Love science fiction stories that all include
elements ofLove, Murder & Mayhem?

Then welcome to the latest anthology from Crazy
8 Press! This amazing collection from 15 all-star authors will delight you with
superheros and supervillains. AIs, off-worlders, and space cruisers. We’ve also
got private eyes, sleep surrogates, time travelers, aliens and monsters—and one

With tales ranging from wild and wacky to dark
and gritty to heartbreaking and fun, take the deadly leap with authors Meriah
Crawford, Paige Daniels, Peter David, Mary Fan, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert
Greenberger, Glenn Hauman Paul Kupperberg, Karissa Laurel, Kelly Meding, Aaron
Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Lois Spangler, Patrick Thomas, and editor Russ

You’ll never look at Love,
Murder & Mayhem
same way again—and that’s just the way we like it.

About the Editor
Russ Colchamiro is the author of
the rollicking space adventure, Crossline, the hilarious sci-fi backpacking
comedy series, Finders Keepers, Genius de Milo, and Astropalooza, and is editor
of the new anthology, Love, Murder & Mayhem, all with Crazy 8 Press.
Russ lives in New Jersey with his
wife, two children, and crazy dog, Simon, who may in fact be an alien himself.
Russ has also contributed to several other anthologies, including Tales of the
Crimson Keep, Pangaea, and Altered States of the Union, and TV Gods 2. He is
now at work on a top-secret project, and a Finders Keepers spin-off.
As a matter of full disclosure,
readers should not be surprised if Russ spontaneously teleports in a blast of
white light followed by screaming fluorescent color and the feeling of being
sucked through a tornado. It’s just how he gets around — windier than the bus,
for sure, but much quicker.