Spooktober Reads…

Hi all!!!

Happy October!!! October begins my favorite time of the year. It finally starts cooling off here, and it’s time to start reading some fun, atmospheric reads. Obviously, that means some spooky/creepy books for October! I just finished the latest Riordan release (review to come!), so it’s time to get down to the Spooktober books! Here is what is on my shelf (I know, I probably should have read most of these by now, but they’ve been hanging out on my shelf for a while!)! We’ll see what I can get through!

As always, thanks for reading!



Circle of Shadows cover: Take Two!

Hey guys!!

The cover for Circle of Shadows (the amazing Evelyn Skye’s newest work- due out in January) got a bit of a makeover! I think that the subtle changes made it even more beautiful! What do you think?

Again, here’s the GR link if you’d like to read up on the new work:


You can also pre-order now:


I am soooo excited to read this!!!! Enjoy!!!


Blog Post Update

Hi All,

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently, but there were some site issues followed by some personal issues (that I won’t bore you with) that led to me falling incredibly behind. However, there will be several posts going up beginning tomorrow evening, so keep your eyes open!



Enticed by the Gargoyle Release!!!

Hi all!!!

The amazing Lisa Carlisle has another new release out!!

This is the second book in the Stone Sentries series, and I have been looking forward to this one since I read the first one. It was released yesterday, and I got my hands on it today!! I’m taking it on a trip with me this weekend, so I’ll have a review up for you when I get back!! In the mean time, here is the buy link & some teasers!! Enjoy!!!