My Unannounced Hiatus

Hi all-

I feel like I owe you all a bit of an explanation for my suddenly falling off of the face of the Earth for a while. I’m not sure how great of an explanation that I can give you other than to say that I felt that I had to take a hiatus for a while for my mental health. It was literally all that I could do to keep up with my work and basic home responsibilities. I am sure that some of you have been there and know that feeling, and for those that haven’t, I truly hope that you never do. I am on my way back on an upswing, so my postings should be coming back more scheduled and I should be catching up. Thank you all for hanging with me.




Blood Oath (The Blood War Chronicles, Book 3)


Author: Quincy J. Allen

Series: The Blood War Chronicles

Genre: Steampunk/Western

Publisher: RuneWright LLC

Pages: 264

This third book in The Blood War Chronicles finds Ghiss and some of Orfeo’s minions seeking out a relic that could lead them to Corina. With Corina as Orfeo’s captive, they could start the demon apocalypse and ignite a war that would lead to the destruction of world after world. Jake and his gang have received some intel that may put them a step ahead of Ghiss and the others, though, so they leave Corina behind and head out. Their journey leads them to cross a passage to another world that once held the heart of a demon civilization. They must then survive the trip through the corrupted forest and in to the ancient keep that is still hungry for fresh meat. Jake will risk his soul and sacrifice much in his quest to keep the relic out of Ghiss’ hands. The battle of The Third Demon War has begun. 

I have really enjoyed this series, and I truly think that it is getting better with each installment. I particularly loved this book, because Skeeter! She was so wonderfully developed and really grew in this book. I enjoyed her character before, but I just love her now. There was a lot of great action and adventure, as always. The world building expanded even more, and was beautifully and imaginatively written. As with the previous two books, I did not want this ride to end! Seriously, if you’re looking for an out of the box fantasy adventure, try this series out. It’s so much fun! 

Ugh…So bad

I’m so sorry that I’ve been pretty much absent since 24in48 ended! I wound up sick almost immediately following, and I’m still in recovery mode. I’m slowly returning to normal, from what we’re fairly sure was flu, and I’ll be back to posting as normal in no time! Thanks for hanging with me guys!!!