The Crown’s Fate (Crown’s Game book 2) *Spoilers, if you haven’t read The Crown’s Game yet!!*

Crown's Fate cover

Author: Evelyn Skye

Series: Crown’s Fate

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Pages: 417


The Crown’s Game ended, at the order of Pasha, but no one is particularly happy with the outcome. Vika is now the Imperial Enchanter, but she is only at Pasha’s right hand because she is forced to be. Pasha has lost his best friend (and brother) and the girl that he loves, at his own orders to end the Game. Nikolai survived, after sacrificing himself to save Vika, but only just. He is surviving as a shadow in one of his own dream lands. When he finally finds a way out of that dream, he is a much darker version of himself, a Shadow Prince. He is set against Pasha for what he has done, and wants to have Vika at his side, but he will fight against them both, if he must, to obtain the power and revenge that he seeks. Meanwhile, there are still uprisings, and those who wish to overthrow the Crown, as Pasha Coronation Ceremony draws near. The three of them may tear Russia, and each other, apart before this game comes to an end.

This sequel to The Crown’s Game was wonderful! It took on a much darker tone (as was set at towards the end of the previous novel) than its predecessor, but was still fast paced, and a very quick read for me (I didn’t want to put it down). I honestly, at several different points, found myself unsure of whom I was rooting for, because I came to care for these characters. Skye truly makes you feel for each of her characters, and their internal struggles. The wonderful character building and descriptiveness of the writing continued in to this novel. The prose was, again, really lovely to read. I am now an Evelyn Skye fan, and look forward to her next work.

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