The Library at Mount Char


Author: Scott Hawkins

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Broadway Books

Pages: 388


Carolyn and her adopted siblings have been raised in the Library, by Father, since their parents were all killed in an incident many years before. They are all Librarians, in the broadest sense. They are tasked with, collectively, learning literally everything- each about their own catalog. Father, however, wrote the Library. He is what one would consider a god of the age. The problem: Father is missing, and possibly dead. The Librarians know that there will be a battle brewing to take his place, and Carolyn has been preparing for that. She has a plan…


This was one of the strangest, and most odd, novels that I have read in a very long time possibly ever- and I loved every second of it! This dark fantasy gripped me from the beginning, because I just needed to figure out what was going on. Honestly, I’m not sure that I really did until close to the end. The structure was laid out in a very different way, but it really worked for this novel. The characters were all very well developed, and fully fleshed out, especially the MCs. I wasn’t entirely sure what to think about Carolyn, the protagonist, throughout most of the book. I liked her, I disliked her, then I rooted for her again. The world building was spectacular. While it is technically set in “our world”, it’s a different world altogether. (Sorry, it’s a bit difficult to explain without spoilers!) I will reveal to you that there were some scenes that may be a bit difficult for some readers. They are not gratuitously placed, in my opinion, they fit in to the plot of the novel. If you want a story that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next, scratching your head, and that is wholly original (not something I can say very often!)- this book may just be for you!

Something Like Voodoo Blitz!!



Something Like Voodoo
by Rebecca Hamilton
Publication date: February 7th 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

From New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton

High School can be a witch.

A teen girl with the ability to predict deaths through her drawings shouldn’t need to lie constantly to make her life sound interesting. But that doesn’t stop Emily from spinning stories faster than she can keep up.

After transferring to a new school, Emily’s ‘dull’ life is shaken by the appearance of a boy who seems unfazed by her far-fetched stories. A too-handsome-for-his-own-good senior, Noah has some secrets of his own. He needs Emily’s special gift to save him from Sarah, queen bee of the school’s It Girls, whose own supernatural abilities have forced him into a life of silence and solitude.

But when Emily tries to free him from Sarah’s voodoo curse, things go belly up, landing Emily on Sarah’s hit list. Soon, Emily and Noah are on a collision course with the It Girls, leading to a shocking revelation that ties them together in unimaginable ways. If their powers remain unchecked, this teenage popularity contest could spell the death of them all …

Romantically charged and eerily chilling, Something Like Voodoo weighs the choice of saving your life versus fighting for a life worth saving. This paranormal romance will put a spell on you.



He was being tortured, but by what? And was I the only person seeing all these other things?

The scene flashed like a strobe light in front of me—a flash of the Noah I knew, then a flash of the painted Noah that made no sense. I scoured the room for someone to help, but no one else seemed to notice what was going on. Except for Sarah, her glower across the room turning to a maniacal grin.

“STOP!” I screamed at her.

The unexplainable vision melted away. Standing at the cafeteria doors, Sarah gave one last smirk before turning on her heel and walking away. A crowd of people hovered near us. The school nurse appeared next, hurrying as quickly as her short legs would carry her.

“Paramedics are on the way,” she said as she arrived, kneeling beside me. “Everyone, please, go back to your tables.”

When no one listened, she yelled, “Go!” This cleared away a few of them. I didn’t leave. Noah’s head still rested in my lap, his eyes closed, though he wasn’t convulsing anymore. His body had gone limp, the rise and fall of his chest nearly unperceivable.

“What happened?” the nurse asked.

Before I could answer, the EMTs rushed in with a stretcher. They pulled him away, yelling all sorts of things I couldn’t understand as they started performing CPR.

“Hang in there, buddy,” one of them said. He passed some small white tube-like packet under his nose, but nothing happened. “Can you hear me?”

No response. At this point, I thought Noah had stopped breathing, making me feel more hopeless than I’d ever felt in my life. What in the hell did Sarah do to him?

More CPR. More failure.

“It’s not working!” said the attending EMT. He put his ear to Noah’s chest then nodded toward the exit. “He’s breathing, but his heart rate is low. We need to transfer him now.”

And just like that, Noah was gone, flying away on that stretcher like a helium balloon in the wind.

(99¢ for 2 days only!)



Rebecca Hamilton writes Paranormal Fantasy, Horror, and Literary Fiction. She lives in Florida with her husband and four kids, along with multiple writing personalities that range from morbid to literary. Having a child diagnosed with autism has inspired her to illuminate the world through the eyes of characters who see things differently.

Rebecca Hamilton is represented by the ever-more-amazing Rossano Trentin of TZLA.

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Fangs for the Memories (Dragon Tails Book 2)


Author: Annette Blair

Series: Dragon Tails

Genre: PNR

Publisher: MacMillan

Pages: 222


Darkwyn is a Scottish warrior whose clan was cursed to turn in to dragons long ago, and banished to an uncharted island on another plane. He has once again been turned to man, as he was sent through the veil to Salem, in search of his heart mate. Only in finding her and aligning his life goals with hers, will he be able to defeat Killian, the evil crone who cursed his clan. Bronte and her nephew, Zachary, are on the run from the mob. Upon seeing her as he first arrives, Darkwyn knows that she is to be his heart mate. The problem: she is reluctant to admit that she feels it too, and that she needs him as much as he needs her. Will they be able to work together to save both of their families?

As she has done previously, with the now entitled Eating Bees in Bed, Fangs for the Memories is a re-worked version of an earlier Blair novel, Vampire Dragon. It has some altered scenes, character alterations, etc in order to improve the novel. This is one of Blair’s novels that I have not read before, so I cannot give an honest comparison to the original work. I can say that I truly enjoyed this version. The characters were well fleshed out, and had great personality. The scenes were all descriptive enough to give the reader great visualization and imagery. The story flowed beautifully, and there was never a lull in the storyline, which allows the reader to get lost in the story easily and makes it read quickly. This was a lovely end to this duology (this is book 2 of 2), as it wrapped up the story with a very satisfying ending. If you like shifters (this one is dragons, which are my favorite!), I think that you will really enjoy these!

I have been a fan of Annette Blair for quite a while; since I read Kitchen Witch several years ago. Hers was the first paranormal that I read, and the reason that I fell in love with this genre. Her writing is always beautiful, and a joy to read. She is a legend in her genre, and I am so thrilled to see new releases from her! If you are looking for fun PNR, I highly recommend her work!


Three Dark Crowns


Author: Kendare Blake

Series: Three Dark Crowns

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages: 398


Every generation brings a new set of triplets to Fennbirn; a set of triplets born with three distinct types of magic. This generation brought Mirabella- the elemental (and the sister considered to be the strongest in this generation), Katharine- the poisoner (considered weak, although the poisoners have ruled for generations), and Arsinoe- the naturalist (also considered weak, but possibly hiding a secret). Each of these triplets is an equal heir to the crown. The catch: they must fight to the death to win the right to rule. The fight begins the night that the sisters turn sixteen, and ends when only one sister stands. Who will rule this new generation?

This is a YA novel, that reads like the beginning of a good high fantasy series. It is layered with a huge cast of characters, that I was concerned may get a bit bogged down at the beginning. Blake, however, did a wonderful job of separating out the most important primary and secondary members of the cast, and giving them the attention needed to allow the reader to know them and formulate opinions about them. The world building was phenomenal, especially for the world that was needed in this novel. The story was very intense from the beginning. It did start out a bit slow for me, but it continued to build and got better and better as it went on. It ended on a fantastic cliffhanger, and I need the sequel right now!



Author: William Rittner

Series: Jackaby

Genre: Supernatural Mystery

Publisher: Algonquin

Pages: 304


Abigail Rook has left her home in need of a new start. When she arrives in New Fiddleham, the first thing that she needs is a job. While she is on the search, she stumbles in to the middle of a murder investigation. A serial killer is on the loose. The police believe that it is a run of the mill bad guy…Enter R.F. Jackaby, investigator of the supernatural. He is the only seer, gifted with the ability to see the supernatural. He believes that this is no ordinary murderer. Abigail finds herself following him in to his first investigation of the scene, and it turns out that she also has a gift, one that Jackaby needs- the ability to see the ordinary, important things. She lands a job as his assistant, and off they go to find the serial killer, whether the police want their assistance or not.

I can’t believe that I waited this long to read this book! It was a wonderful break from reality. Rittner has created a fantastic cast of characters, who all have depth and are well rounded. The secondary characters all have great personality. He does something very important, though: he leaves room for you to want to get to know them better. The world building was spot on. The plot line and overall story were very entertaining. This will definitely be a new series for me!