Liza and the Dragon (Short Seductions, Book 5)

Liza and the Dragon

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Short Seductions

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Genre: PNR

Pages: 35

In the latest installment of her latest series of novellas, Jordan introduces one of my absolute favorite mythical beings, the dragon. When I first heard that she was bringing a dragon in to this series, I honestly wondered how in the world that was going to work. Trust me when I say, it works flawlessly! This is probably my favorite of this series so far!

In this novella, we meet Liza and her mysterious dragon, Tyson, at the now infamous Other bar, Seductions, where they first met thirteen months before. We soon find out that they meet at the bar once a month for, what Liza assumes, is just a night of amazing sex. Liza wants more, but is afraid to tell him. She then goes on to assume that he is married, as he has shown up in a tux with make-up on the collar, and smelling of perfume. It turns in to a cluster of a night from there! IS he married? What does he want from her? Is this over? Read away, and find out! You won’t regret it!

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