Beatrice and the Shifter (Short Seductions, Story Six)

Beatrice and the Shifter cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Short Seductions

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Pages: 36

Let me just tell you up front: I love shifters! Dragons and Shifters are my two favorite mythical beings. I do love a good vamp, but my heart will always be with the animals, and Jordan writes them so well!

The sixth story of this steamy series introduces us to Beatrice (great name, right?!), who has known about the Others for a good portion of her life, but had never been to our favorite Other bar, Seductions, until now. To her utter surprise, while having a great time dancing the night away, she runs in to her hot neighbor, Derek. She has had the hots for him since she bought the property next to his a couple of years ago, but has never really done anything about it since she didn’t think that he was interested. Unbeknownst to her, he has had the hots for her too, and has seen the little shows that she has put on for him when she thought that she was being sly. He has seen the little shows, because she didn’t know that he was there…in his other forms. The other thing that Beatrice didn’t know about Derek- He’s a shifter. Or has she known all along? Beatrice is about to get a taste of his animal side that she’ll never forget….

This was an awesome addition to this collection. I am a little bias, as I stated before, I am a shifter kind of girl, but I absolutely loved this one! Derek is incredibly hot, and there is a lot of great tension weaved in to this one that makes it all the steamier. You won’t regret grabbing this novella for a quick, hot read.

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