Maria & the Angel: Extended

Maria and the Angel

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Short Seductions

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Pages: 41


This hot little novella had me seriously considering finding and Angel to mate with!

This, like the others, begins at Seductions, the bar filled with Others. Maria, the Werewolf, and Dante, the Angel, are having a great time dancing the night away. That is, until the subject of their mating comes up. Maria has yet to broach the subject with her Alpha, which does not sit well with Dante. They have been together for several lifetimes, and he wants to make their bond official. Maria isn’t sure how this will go over with her Alpha and the pack. Dante threatens to leave her, in a fight that will end with the hottest of endings.

We all know by now that I love were’s. They are probably my all-time favorite paranormal being. Maria is a kick-ass were! I loved her attitude and spunk. That combined with Dante, the Angel (who knew they could be so hot… and hot tempered!), and you have a fantastic story! Jordan did a wonderful job of bringing these two beings together in a way that I, for one, did not see as possible. Now, with the extended version, there is much more to the story of these two who were never supposed to mate, but were somehow destined to from the beginning! Love otherworldly beings with a side of steam? You’ll love it!

This extended version has been released as part of the Roar, Growl, & Kiss Boxed Set, which features tory from many other incredibly talented authors. Here is the Cover and the link for you guys!!

Roar Growl & Kiss Cover



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