The Vampire’s Prophecy (Romance in Central City, Book 6)

Vampire Prophecy cover

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Romance in Central City

Genre: PNR

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Pages: 144         


This book takes us back to the town of Central City, where the Vampire Guard is still trying to figure out what exactly Panthera is up to and how to stop them. As all of them do, this book focuses on a particular member of the Guard: in this case, Gabriele Barone (Gabe). Gabe is the brother to Rafe, whom we fell in love with in book five- The Vampire’s Penance. Like his brother, Gabe has been lonely for quite a while. Unlike his brother, Gabe decides to do something about it- in the form of going in to online chatrooms. While in one of these chatrooms, he meets a young woman names Aurelia. After chatting and texting with her for a while, he decides that he needs to meet her. Little does he know, Aurelia is working with the Guard’s Panthera enemy in order to repay them for the wrong that she believes came to her father at the hands of the Guard. What Aurelia doesn’t know, is that she is just a pawn in this dangerous game. Can Gabe save himself and Aurelia? Will he want to save her, once he finds out who she truly is?

As I have said previously, I love this author & this series! The stories in this series keep getting better, as the plot continues to move forward. There is always something happening, so there are no stagnant points in this short story. The characters are well developed, and the world building continues throughout each book. If you are a PNR fan, you really need to check this series out!

The Vampire’s Prophecy is out now! Find it here!





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