The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo cover

Author: Amy Schumer

Genre: Memoir/Humor

Publisher: Gallery Books

Pages: 336


Amy Schumer has built her career on being honest- hilariously, brutally, honest- and I, and so many others, love her for that. She says the things that many think and won’t say, and she doesn’t sugarcoat it. This book is that, and so very much more. It had everything that I was hoping for out of a book written by Schumer. It had the stories of sex, drugs, drinking, and family drama delivered with her signature humor, sarcasm, and wit. What it had that I wasn’t expecting, though, was her being honest in a very different way about the subjects that have touched and affected her life: date rape, domestic violence, gun violence, body shaming, and her father’s MS diagnosis. It was very touching, and humanizing, to see her speak out on these topics in such an authentic way. This book was well written, in that it balanced the serious topics out with humor, so it didn’t become too heavy to read. It was very interesting to learn more about Schumer and her life, up to this point. I was a fan before, and I am even more so of one now!

This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare

This is just my face cover

Author: Gabourey Sidibe

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Pages: 256


Gabourey Sidibe got her big break starring in the title role as Precious in the film Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire. Since then, she has gone on to several other roles on television shows such as American Horror Story, and most recently, Empire. She certainly didn’t start out as a star, though. Gabby, as she is known to her fans, came from humble beginnings in Brooklyn. The daughter of a polygamous, African immigrant father and a mother who began as a teacher (and then went on to support her children by becoming a subway singer), Gabby sis not exactly have it easy growing up. Once on her own, it was not exactly any easier. Case in point: When she was discovered, Gabby was working at a phone sex talking company.

This memoir is, I think, the best one that I have read thus far this year. Sidibe is refreshingly honest, irreverent, hysterical, and says things that we would all like to say at times, but just can’t bring ourselves to. She doesn’t hold back when she talks about the “hard topics”, such as her relationship with her father, her family in Africa, being treated differently because of the way that she looks, weight, depression, anxiety, and more. There is something in there for everyone, and she makes you feel a little less alone while making you literally laugh out loud. Honestly, Gabourey is the kind of woman that every woman needs in her life. I want her to be my friend, too!

Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe

Spaceman cover

Author: Mike Massimino

Genre: Memoir/Biography

Publisher: Crown Archetype

Pages: 336


Mike Massimino, or “Mass” as he is known to many, had a childhood dream: to be an astronaut. He wanted to go to space. He grew up on Long Island, when that wasn’t really a popular dream to have where he was from. Nevertheless, he worked hard and made his way to Columbia and MIT. He then proceeded to fail his first PhD exam, and be repeatedly rejected by the astronaut program. This is where that New York grit came in to play. He didn’t give up, became an astronaut, went to space, and wrote us his riveting memoir about it all.

            I absolutely loved this book! It was so interesting to learn about his journey to becoming an astronaut, and then his time working with NASA. He answered so many questions, and I learned so much from this memoir. I did listen to this book on audio, and I definitely think that this should be listened to (even if you read it in print first)! Massimino’s tone and inflection really made it all the more enjoyable. This is a must read, if you are a fan of science, space exploration, or just great memoirs!

The Princess Diarist


Author: Carrie Fisher

Genre: Memoir/Humor

Publisher: Blue Rider Press

Pages: 272


I have been a fan of Carrie Fisher for a very long time. I have always thought that she represented a lot of what I wanted to be as a woman- intelligent, outspoken, hilarious, fiercely unashamed to be who she is, and f*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke! She had her struggles, and never hid that. In fact, she put them right out there in the hopes that she could help others. That was just another one of her amazing qualities. I read this book before her passing, and I can honestly say that it made me love her even more. Carrie was a very gifted author. This memoir was based on her journals that were kept during the making of the original Star Wars film. Rather than just a copy of her journal entries (although some of those are included for your reading pleasure), she tells the story in her own words based off of those journals. She is honest, straightforward, and hysterical in her storytelling. If you love Star Wars, Carrie, great memoirs, or all the above read this!!!

RIP Carrie. The Force will always be with you.



Scrappy Little Nobody


Author: Anna Kendrick

Genre: Memoir/Humor

Publisher: Touchstone

Pages: 304


Confession time: I am a bit in love with Anna Kendrick. I have followed her work for years, and her Twitter feed cracks me up on a regular basis. She is witty, funny, charming, and just the right amount of crazy….so….relatable! In this collection of stories, she recounts her life experiences starting as a young girl beginning on Broadway, to the false start of beginning her dating life, to really trying to launch her career. I am so glad that AK decided to “let the crazy out” in this memoir, because it was in many parts laugh-out-loud funny, which was just what I needed. If you are a fan, you will hear her voice loud and clear in this book and love every second of it! If you just need a good laugh, pick it up!

The Book of Joan


Author: Melissa Rivers

Genre: Biography/Memoir

Publisher: Crown Archetype

Pages: 304


I have a confession: I am a HUGE Joan Rivers fan. I loved her, and was so sad when she died. I loved her no-nonsense attitude, the way that she would tell it like it was (no matter who it was that she was telling or telling about!), and her crass sense of humor. I had to imagine that she was a hysterical mother to have, and was truly looking forward to getting a true behind the scenes look from Melissa. I am sad to report that I was a bit underwhelmed by this memoir. I have been trying to figure out and put in to words exactly what it was that just didn’t hook me, but it seemed like it just never really got off of the ground for me. Some of the stories were very funny, and did make me laugh out loud, but overall it just wasn’t the book that I was looking for. I know that there are many, many reviews that disagree with me, so it very well could be that I was looking for something different or was expecting a different “voice” than the one that I heard come through. It was fun, however, to get hear some stories about Joan that I had not heard before, so that made it worth the read. If you choose to read it, I truly hope that you enjoy it more than I did.

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Author: Irin Carmon

Genre: Biography/Memoir

Publisher: Dey Street Books

Pages: 240


First takeaway from this book: RBG is a badass! She is feminism done right. She was a pioneer in pushing for equality, and is still doing so from the highest court in our country, and I love her for that. She is the embodiment of the Shakespearian quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce”. She is a tough woman, but this book allowed me to see her softer side, which was lovely.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a very millennial take on a biography/memoir and not something that I would recommend using if you were looking for something to use for a research project. If, however, you are looking for a fun read that will give you a glimpse in to the life of one of the most influential women of our time, this is a good place to look. I will say that the writing style/layout of the book was a bit disjointed, or “clunky”, for lack of a better term. It jumps around throughout the timeline of her life and career a lot, and it is easy to lose exactly where you are in her life or career if you aren’t paying attention to what you are reading. Aside from that, the book is a lot of fun, and has some great humor and heartwarming parts in it. The additional material (pictures, annotated dissents, documents, etc) jut make it all the more enjoyable. It’s definitely a worthy read. I have long admired this remarkable woman, and this just made me admire her all the more.