The Book of Joan


Author: Melissa Rivers

Genre: Biography/Memoir

Publisher: Crown Archetype

Pages: 304


I have a confession: I am a HUGE Joan Rivers fan. I loved her, and was so sad when she died. I loved her no-nonsense attitude, the way that she would tell it like it was (no matter who it was that she was telling or telling about!), and her crass sense of humor. I had to imagine that she was a hysterical mother to have, and was truly looking forward to getting a true behind the scenes look from Melissa. I am sad to report that I was a bit underwhelmed by this memoir. I have been trying to figure out and put in to words exactly what it was that just didn’t hook me, but it seemed like it just never really got off of the ground for me. Some of the stories were very funny, and did make me laugh out loud, but overall it just wasn’t the book that I was looking for. I know that there are many, many reviews that disagree with me, so it very well could be that I was looking for something different or was expecting a different “voice” than the one that I heard come through. It was fun, however, to get hear some stories about Joan that I had not heard before, so that made it worth the read. If you choose to read it, I truly hope that you enjoy it more than I did.

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