Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 448

In this Patterson thriller, Katherine Dunne is taking her three children on a forced family sailing trip in an attempt to reconnect their family. In the four years since her husband died and she remarried, their family has fallen apart. Determined to remedy this, Katherine asks her deceased husband’s brother, Jake, to captain their trip. Unfortunately, things start going wring as soon as they sets sail. Along with their family drama, someone wants the entire Dunne family to disappear.

This isn’t quite like Patterson’s typical mystery/thrillers. The reader knows who the antagonist is throughout the novel, so that is no mystery. The intrigue comes in the family’s fight to survive, and the antagonist’s attempt to cover their tracks and get the job done. It switches perspective often, but not in a confusing way. The reader just has to pay attention to who is “talking”. This was definitely not my favorite Patterson novel, but it was ok. It certainly wasn’t bad for a quick read.

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