Jenna and the Telepath (Short Seductions, Book 4)

Jenna and the Telepath

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: Short Seductions

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Genre: PNR

Pages: 36

I have never really considered telepaths to be sexy before, but damn, did Jordan write a hot one! This novella is the story of Jenna, and accountant, and Kolton, a rich, hot lawyer who just so happens to be a telepath. Jenna thinks that she is nothing but a fling to Kolton, that she is too plain for him to want any type of a real relationship with her. Kolton does not agree with her assessment, and is determined to convince her otherwise. One of the things that I loved most about this novella, aside from the obvious, was the dialogue between the two. It was very interesting to see what happens when one person can “hear” all of the thoughts of the other, and the dynamic that arises from that. So, does Kolton convince her that there is more to their relationship than the hot sex, or will theirs be only a relationship of the libido? Pick it up and find out!!

You can pick up a copy of this novella here:





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