The Final Push Of 24in48

I finished my poetry break at the 19 hour mark, and am on to book #5, and what will likely be my last book of the readathon!

4 thoughts on “The Final Push Of 24in48

    • I made it the whole 24, but it took me until 11:30 last night to get it all in. I’ve been dying at work all day today! I really should have stopped at 22 or so and gone to bed. Lol! 20 is awesome!! Did you read anything great?!

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      • Awesome! Great Job!! I joined the night before and got a late start and had some obligations but I will plan better next time! I read The Gilded Wolves, Daisy Jones and the Six and a few other small indie books – I got a lot done! 🙂


      • That’s amazing for joining the night before! I’m dying to read Daisy Jones and the Six! So jealous! How was it? Evelyn Hugo was one of my favorites. I loved The Gilded Wolves.


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