Playful Hearts (Rocky Harbor, Book 4)

Playful Hearts cover

Author: Marianne Rice

Series: Rocky Harbor

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Pages: 230


Blake Riley has always been the wild card of the Riley sons. He has spent his adulthood travelling around the country, setting up race courses for adventure seeking athletes, and only coming home a couple of times a year. This wandering lifestyle came to an end, however, when he chose to move home the year that his brother returned from the war, injured and having PTSD. Blake thought that this would mean the end of his fun-loving lifestyle, and the beginning of predictability. That is, until Mackenzie Pratt entered his life. Mackenzie is a firecracker, who definitely turns his head, but she is too busy running her coffee shop and taking care of her mother to get involved in a serious relationship. Blake turns her head, too, though, and a friends-with-benefits situation wouldn’t be too bad… As these situations can do, though, their feelings begin to grow for one another. Blake, however, has some secrets from his past that may come back to haunt him and threaten their budding relationship.

The fourth installment of the Rocky Harbor series takes a bit of a turn from the third, Wounded Love. The previous story had more of a serious feel, and hit on more serious themes. As the title suggests, Blake’s story is much more playful. It certainly still had its moments of seriousness, but overall it was much lighter. This series continues to grow on me, the more that I read. The characters all become more developed throughout the series. The way that Rice writes her characters makes it very easy to become more and more invested in them as the series continues. I continue to look forward to reading more from this author.


Playful Hearts is out today! Buy links are below!

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