Fangs for the Memories (Dragon Tails Book 2)


Author: Annette Blair

Series: Dragon Tails

Genre: PNR

Publisher: MacMillan

Pages: 222


Darkwyn is a Scottish warrior whose clan was cursed to turn in to dragons long ago, and banished to an uncharted island on another plane. He has once again been turned to man, as he was sent through the veil to Salem, in search of his heart mate. Only in finding her and aligning his life goals with hers, will he be able to defeat Killian, the evil crone who cursed his clan. Bronte and her nephew, Zachary, are on the run from the mob. Upon seeing her as he first arrives, Darkwyn knows that she is to be his heart mate. The problem: she is reluctant to admit that she feels it too, and that she needs him as much as he needs her. Will they be able to work together to save both of their families?

As she has done previously, with the now entitled Eating Bees in Bed, Fangs for the Memories is a re-worked version of an earlier Blair novel, Vampire Dragon. It has some altered scenes, character alterations, etc in order to improve the novel. This is one of Blair’s novels that I have not read before, so I cannot give an honest comparison to the original work. I can say that I truly enjoyed this version. The characters were well fleshed out, and had great personality. The scenes were all descriptive enough to give the reader great visualization and imagery. The story flowed beautifully, and there was never a lull in the storyline, which allows the reader to get lost in the story easily and makes it read quickly. This was a lovely end to this duology (this is book 2 of 2), as it wrapped up the story with a very satisfying ending. If you like shifters (this one is dragons, which are my favorite!), I think that you will really enjoy these!

I have been a fan of Annette Blair for quite a while; since I read Kitchen Witch several years ago. Hers was the first paranormal that I read, and the reason that I fell in love with this genre. Her writing is always beautiful, and a joy to read. She is a legend in her genre, and I am so thrilled to see new releases from her! If you are looking for fun PNR, I highly recommend her work!


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