Dallas Fire & Rescue: Smoke & Pearls (A Kindle Worlds Novella)


Author: Marianne Rice

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Kindle Worlds

Pages: 125


Max Harmon is just coming off a twenty-four-hour shift with Dallas Fire & Rescue, when he is involved in a fatal car accident. He soon learns that the fatality in the vehicle that hit him is the head of the Mitchell family, one of the most influential in Dallas society. He attends the funeral, to pay his respects to the family, and finds himself comforting the beautiful Sidney, who happens to be the favorite granddaughter of the deceased. They have a fiery, passionate romance, until Sidney learns that Max was the other party in the accident that took her beloved Grandpop from her. She is sure that there is a cover-up involved, and that he is to blame for her Grandpop’s death. Will their newfound romance be able to survive this hurdle?

Much like the previous book that I reviewed for you guys, this was another wonderful outing from Marianne Rice! For such a short story, the characters were all given great depth and personality and the story was well rounded. It had a great romance, of course, but there was a wonderful sub-plot to go along with it. I swear, this author is going to turn me in to a romance reader, yet!

This is part of the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World, and it released today, so go get it!

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