You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir

You're Never Weird on the...cover

Author: Felicia Day

Genre: Memoir/Humor

Publisher: Touchstone

Pages: 272


For those of you not familiar with Felicia Day, she’s weird, and she embraces it! She may be familiar to you from her acting career (Vi on Buffy, Charlie on Supernatural, Dr. Holly Marten on Eureka, etc), or you may recognize her from her YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry or her web series, The Guild. She has been touted as being the “Queen of the Nerds”, and for good reason.

In this memoir, Felicia takes us through her life, from her childhood in the deep south (where she was home schooled for “hippie reasons”) to college at 16 years old (where she double- majored in math & violin, and graduated as valedictorian) on to Hollywood (where she had quite the time getting a start, with no contacts or agent) to where she is now. She doesn’t gloss over anything at all, which makes the book not only funny, but sweet, sad, shocking, and most of all, honest. If you are in your 30’s, you’ll laugh along the way at her remembrance of the rising of the internet, the games that we played on it, and finding yourself in that age. If you’re not, you’ll laugh anyway, trying to picture what that was like. Her honest story about her life is one of finding who you really are along your way, and embracing exactly who that it, not who people expect you to be. It is a great tale of a young woman succeeding in being exactly who she is, with no apologies. I liked her before, and I love her now! She’ll make you proud to be weird!

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