Unfortunate Souls (Unfortunate Souls, Book 1)

unfortunate souls cover

Author: Jade M. Phillips

Series: Unfortunate Souls

Genre: Paranormal/PNR

Publisher: Jade M. Phillips

Pages: 234


Ruby Carter was a normal seventeen year old girl, until the night that her world was turned upside-down. With her emotions on high, she drove in to an oncoming storm straight to her death. Someone, however, decided that her death should not be permanent. Guy Stone is a hard as nails Captain in the FUSE Army, whose sole purpose is to hunt down what they deem “unfortunate souls” and dispatch of them. Their worlds collide on, what will be, a whirlwind of a ride when Guy finds Ruby in the midst of her change at the site of their latest battle. He can’t bring himself to kill her, as he is supposed to, but what will the two of them do?

This first book in the Unfortunate Souls series brings me back to the world of vampires for the first time in quite a while, and it turned out to be a pretty good trip back. This story was told from a two person narrative (Ruby and Guy) in the vain of Twilight, but has a very different story to tell. The author does a great job of fleshing out her characters and giving them their own voice. I felt that this book laid a very solid foundation for the series, and am very happy to have been asked to review it. If you are a fan of stories in the YA PNR genre, I feel that you will enjoy this book.

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