Author: Rainbow Rowell

Genre: YA Lit

Publisher: St. Martins

Pages: 448


Cath and her sister, Wren, have grown up in the world of Simon Snow (think Harry Potter). Cath even writes a hugely popular fan fic about the series. When it is time for them to go off to college, though, Wren is read to leave the Simon Snow world behind her, and see what else is out there in the world for her apart from being mainly know as a twin to Cath and Simo Snow fangirl. Cath, on the other hand, is not ready for any of this. She is blindsided that Wren has requested to not be her roommate, and is hurt that Wren prefers to spend the majority of her time hanging out and partying with her new roommate. As the socially awkward Cath attempts to navigate her freshman year of college without having her twin and best friend at her side, what will she discover about herself?

Being quite a fangirl myself (again, think Harry Potter…along with many others!) and that I did love Eleanor & Park, I expected that I would dive in and be fully engrossed in this book from the beginning…but I wasn’t. It moved just a bit slow for me, and I just couldn’t become as invested in it as I thought that I would. Don’t get me wrong, the writing was great, and the characters were fully developed and well written. It was a good book, it just wasn’t up there with Eleanor & Park, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a likeable coming of age story, though, this will be a good one, and chances are you may relate to it far more than I did! Many, many readers have!

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