The Vampire’s Penance: A Romance in Central City, Novella 5

Vampire Penance

Author: Jordan K. Rose

Series: A Romance in Central City

Publisher: Jordan K. Rose

Genre: PNR

Pages: 68

This is another ARC that I received from my doll of an author friend, Jordan K. Rose. It is the fifth novella in the Central City Novella’s, and it is my favorite! This one features the very hot Rafe Valentino. Rafe has been in a self-imposed solitary existence for over two-hundred years because of a past that he refuses to talk to anyone about. This existence makes him very sullen, and very dangerous. As hard as this existence may be, this is how he has decided to live his life. Enter the very cute human nurse, Maddie. Maddie has had a thing for Rafe for a decade, every since she was chosen as the nurse to the Vampire Guard. When Rafe is very seriously injured by the very security system that he helped design and required around the clock care, he and Maddie are forced to spend A LOT of time together. Will this time soften Rafe’s heart to Maddie? Will she run when she finds out the truth of his past? Jordan has done it again!

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