An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines cover

Author: John Green

Genre: YA Fiction

Publisher: Dutton Books

Pages: 227


Colin has a problem with Katherines- Yes, that’s Katherines with an “s”. He can’t stop falling for them. So far, he has fallen for nineteen of them, and nineteen of them have dumped him. A child prodigy, who has just graduated from high school and is determined to make his mark on the world, Colin sets out on a road trip with his best friend. He decides, while on this trip, that he is going to determine the Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability in order to predict the future of relationships. All of the happenings add up to one crazy summer adventure.

This was a fun read. I will say that I did note enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska, but that may be because I didn’t relate to it as much on a personal level. Overall, though, it was still an entertaining book with the great character development and “finding yourself layered with comedic relief” style that I have come to love from John Green’s writing. I would recommend it, if that is what you’re looking for.

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska cover

Author: John Green

Genre: YA Fiction

Publisher: Dutton Books

Pages: 221


Miles Halter has decided to leave his safe, but boring, sheltered life (which includes little-to-no friends) in Florida for his dad’s alma mater boarding school in Alabama. A boy who is fascinated by people’s last words, he is on his way to seek the “Great Perhaps”. Once at school, Miles (now nicknamed “Pudge”) finds a few good friends and a whole lot of firsts. His first drink, his first smoke, his first love, his first kiss…and his first death of someone close. In that death, he will find what it truly means to live.

I decided to read Looking for Alaska, after falling in Love with Paper Towns. I can honestly say that it was just as good. Much like Paper Towns, I could relate to these kids. They reminded me a lot of myself and my close-knit group of friends, in high school. It reminded me of what it felt like to feel a lot of those feelings. It also reminded me of what it felt like to lose someone close to me for the first time, and to examine how that related to me, personally. I loved the references to The General in His Labyrinth (a great classic!), and the way that it was central to and woven in to the story. I think that this novel made for a great story, and one that will make the reader think. I think that I will read An Abundance of Katherines, as well. I am becoming a great fan of Green’s writing style, and the introspection that it inspires. Overall, a great read!

House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, Book 4)

house of hades cover


Author: Rick Riordan

Series: Heroes of Olympus

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/YA

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Pages: 608


The end of Mark of Athena found Percy and Annabeth falling in to Tartarus, and the rest of the Demigod heroes promising to find the Doors of Death on the living side and meet them there to close them, so that they can stop Gaea from being raised. Percy and Annabeth must survive traveling through Tartarus, which is worse than traveling through Hades itself, in order to reach the doors on their side. The rest of the Seven have their own battles to fight before they can even reach the House of Hades, which they must fight their way through in order to reach the doors on their side. If either one fails, there will be no stopping the Giants from raising Gaea. Percy and Annabeth are facing sure death in Tartarus, until they get some unexpected help that just might get them through…

I have put off finishing the last couple of books in this series for a while now, obviously, but I am glad that I finally got back to them. I forgot just how much I love these books and these heroes! Riordan is a master of world building. I can picture everything that he is describing, and the visual of Tartarus is, just, wow… The writing is excellent in this novel, as it is in all of the ones before. I think he just gets better as he goes. I am anxious to finish up the next one, and see what happens with these Demigods. If you are looking for a fun series, and like Greek and Roman mythology and YA Lit, I recommend this series.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Book 1)

forest of hands and teeth cover

Author: Carrie Ryan

Series: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Genre: Dystopian

Publisher: Ember

Pages: 336

Mary lives in a world where things have always been pretty black and white: The Sisterhood has always been in charge, and they are right. The Guardians protect their village and mind the fences that keep them safe. The Unconsecrated (think zombies) want to get in to kill or turn them, and they will never stop trying. Their village is all that is left after The Return, and there is nothing beyond The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Only Mary grew up with her mother telling her stories of what life was like before The Return, and she has always dreamed and believed that there has to be more out there beyond their village and the Forest. A startling series of events turns Mary’s world upside down a very short period of time. The biggest change: the fences are breached… The unconsecrated swarm the village, and Mary and her group run for it. On the run, and looking for anywhere to go, Mary realizes that this is her chance to find out what it beyond the Forest. She also must choose between the man whom she is promised to and the man to whom her heart belongs, but is promised to her best friend.

This is not the first time that I have read The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but I obtained it in hard copy (my other copy is digital) in my post-Thanksgiving book buying, so I decided to read it again. I’m so glad that I did! I enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first. Carrie Ryan does a beautiful job of world building in this novel, so the reader can really visualize what she imagines the land to be like post The Return. The characters are very well fleshed out, so the reader can feel for them, and really feel the emotions coming off of them as the book progresses. You can really feel Mary’s struggle in the book, and know what she is going through. There is definitely a love/romance component to the book, but I love how the author is able to balance that with the larger issues at hand, so that it doesn’t overwhelm it. If you are looking for a good, quick, zombie book, give this one a try! It’s definitely different than any of the other post-zombie apocalypse books that I have read before!