House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, Book 4)

house of hades cover


Author: Rick Riordan

Series: Heroes of Olympus

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/YA

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Pages: 608


The end of Mark of Athena found Percy and Annabeth falling in to Tartarus, and the rest of the Demigod heroes promising to find the Doors of Death on the living side and meet them there to close them, so that they can stop Gaea from being raised. Percy and Annabeth must survive traveling through Tartarus, which is worse than traveling through Hades itself, in order to reach the doors on their side. The rest of the Seven have their own battles to fight before they can even reach the House of Hades, which they must fight their way through in order to reach the doors on their side. If either one fails, there will be no stopping the Giants from raising Gaea. Percy and Annabeth are facing sure death in Tartarus, until they get some unexpected help that just might get them through…

I have put off finishing the last couple of books in this series for a while now, obviously, but I am glad that I finally got back to them. I forgot just how much I love these books and these heroes! Riordan is a master of world building. I can picture everything that he is describing, and the visual of Tartarus is, just, wow… The writing is excellent in this novel, as it is in all of the ones before. I think he just gets better as he goes. I am anxious to finish up the next one, and see what happens with these Demigods. If you are looking for a fun series, and like Greek and Roman mythology and YA Lit, I recommend this series.

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