The Last Dance


Author: Aimee Brown

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Aria

Pages: 352

Ambri and Henry were the best of friends throughout their high school years. They were always like family, and became family when Henry married Ambri’s sister, Rory. Tragedy struck and shook them both to their core when Rory died. The two later felt more for one another, and after one night of everything coming together, everything fell apart. Can the heartbreak that was caused be mended when these two finally reunite? 

This was quite the emotional roller coaster ride of a romance read, and I was all in! I absolutely adored Ambri, and immediately wanted her as a friend. It took me a bit longer to warm up to Henry, but I did understand him and what he was dealing with. All of the characters throughout the book were very well fleshed out, including all of the secondary characters. The story was so well rounded and full of everything that I needed it to be. Overall, this was a beautifully written romance story that will make you feel all the feels, but will ultimately leave you smiling in the end. 

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