The Nest

the nest cover

Author: Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Genre: General Fiction

Publisher: Ecco

Pages: 368


The Plumb family takes family drama to a different level! They have each spent their early adulthood watching their trust fund, which they lovingly call “The Nest”, continually grow and have come to count on it. As they are on the brink of finally receiving it, their irresponsible brother gets behind the wheel, inebriated, with a nineteen-year-old passenger. The accident that follows puts them all in danger of losing The Nest. After confronting their brother, he promises to make things right. Will he follow through on his word, or leave them all and their lives, in circumstances that they never foresaw?

This is another novel that I have been looking forward to making my way to since I heard about it. I was very excited to finally get to it. Sadly, again, I was a bit disappointed. The characters were all, mostly, well developed. There were a couple that could have, possibly, been a bit more rounded out, but overall, they were fleshed out. The storyline was decent, and well thought out. I have no real qualms with that. The book just fell a little bit flat for me. I can’t exactly put my finger on what the issue was with it, I just wanted a little bit more from it. I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading it, though. It just didn’t quite deliver for me, personally.

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