Shanghai Bandit


Author: Eric Qiao

Genre: Fiction/Light Thriller

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Pages: 276


It all started with a bank robbery…by two parties…at once… Oh, right, then one robber has a stroke during the heist. Enter Vietnam Vet turned bank teller Major Chin, who offers to help the robber escape, and take the dude to the hospital. While travelling, the guy recovers from his stroke, and decides to hijack the earnings. Major Chin decides that he has a better plan for a heist, and they’re off for another robbery…

This was a quick read, that was quite a bit of fun to get through. It was filled with a great cast of characters, who each had personality. The main characters were pretty well fleshed out, and were fun to follow, though maybe not as well as in his debut (I will give that the debut focused on fewer characters and was bit longer). The book had some nice, subtle commentary on racial profiling/stereotyping, that is relevant to our society at present, but was nicely tempered with the abundant humor throughout the book, so it didn’t feel like it was being forced upon the reader. After reading this sophomore novel, it is clear that Qiao is finding his writing style, and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

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