Louisiana Longshot (Miss Fortune, Book 1)


Author: Jana DeLeon

Series: Miss Fortune Mystery

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Jana DeLeon

Pages: 248


Fortune Redding is a CIA assassin. Unfortunately for her, her name has been leaked, and now she is on a hit list. In order to keep her out of sight of those looking to claim the bounty on her, her boss sends her to Sinful, LA to pose as his niece who was supposed to go there to take care of a family estate. This situation puts Fortune well out of her element, but she does what she has to do. She finds herself posing as her complete opposite: a former southern belle beauty queen, who is now a librarian. She is barely starting to try to settle in, when the dog that came with the house digs up a human bone. This leads to her having to work with not only the hot, nosy local deputy, but the crazy old ladies that run the town (the Geritol Mafia), in order to solve the mystery.

This was a really fun read! It was especially enjoyable, for me, as I am originally from a small town in Louisiana, so I can see some of the things that are described in the book. Honestly, though, it would be fun for anyone looking for a quick, fun read with many laugh out loud moments. I would compare the feel and humor of this book to the Stephanie Plum or Diesel and Lizzy series’ by Janet Evanovich. If you are a fan of those, then you should really enjoy this.

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