Tricky Twenty Two (Stephanie Plum, Book 22)

tricky twenty two cover

Author: Janet Evanovich

Series: Stephanie Plum

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Bantam

Pages: 304


Stephanie is on the hunt for a Frat leader named Gobbles, who was arrested for beating down the Dean of students. He skipped out on his bond and is in hiding, but it doesn’t look like he has gone far. No one on campus will tell her where he is and she has a feeling that there is more to his story, especially after a few interactions with his faculty advisor- a crazy science professor. Ranger also asks her to help with security on the Linken’s, after Mr. Linken’s business partner is gunned down by an unknown person. Meanwhile, Stephanie’s personal life is a mess, because Morelli is having some major inner turmoil causing him to dump her out of the blue and consider changing careers.

This is the twenty-second book in this series, so the plot lines are getting a bit redundant, but it was much better than the last couple of books in this series were. There were some detail inconsistencies that were a bit annoying, for a reader who has read all of these books a pays attention to the little details (Rangeman has the wrong number of floors and his office was on the wrong floor, etc). Ranger’s character was a little flat in this book, for some reason. It was nice to see some growth potential in Stephanie and Joe’s relationship, and there were definitely still some laughable moments. One of the best parts of this book, for me, was seeing a different side of Steph’s mom! That was great! Overall, the book was, for me, what Evanovich’s books always are: a fun, short break from some of the more intense books. I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes from here with the story.

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