The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

coldest girl in coldtown

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Little Brown

Pages: 448

In Tana’s world, everyone knows about vampires. Once someone is bitten and infected, they go cold. If they give in to the virus and drink human blood, they turn. Tana has seen this happen first hand, when her mother was bitten when Tana was a child. One morning, Tana wakes up from a party to find all of her friends slaughtered, except her ex and some guy that she doesn’t know, who are tied up in the bedroom. Her ex has been bitten, and is turning cold, and the guy is a vampire. As Tana is in the middle of her rescue plan to get them all out (because the vamps are still in the house), one of them barely bites her on the back of the leg. She doesn’t know if it was enough to make her turn cold. She does the only thing that she knows to do, takes them all three to a coldtown. Coldtowns are where all of the vampires and those that are bitten are quarantined off, so that they can’t infect the rest of the population. Along the way, they meet up with some others trying to get there, because they want to be turned. They all get there…that’s where the adventure begins.

This book took me a little bit longer to get through than I expected. I’m not sure why. It just moved a little bit slower for me than I thought that it was going to. The premise for it was really unique, which was refreshing for someone who reads a lot of vampire novels! Overall, I would definitely recommend the novel, but not if you are just wanting a quick read. Definitely dive in to it when you have a little bit of time to spend with it.

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