Graceling (Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, Book 1)


Author: Kristin Cashore

Series: Seven Kingdoms Trilogy

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: HMH

Pages: 480

The first novel in this series by award winning author, Kristin Cashore, was engrossing within the first few chapters. This story centers on Katsa, who is the niece to a king in a realm where some people are marked as Gracelings. One can distinguish those who are graced from others by the colors of their eyes. The graces can be anything from cooking, swimming, mind reading, or fighting to Katsa’s grace: killing. Her king uncle uses her as a weapon, and she is growing tired of it. She has formed a counsel which carries out secret missions of justice. During one of the missions she meets Po, another Graceling and prince. They then go on a dangerous mission themselves, where they learn more than they thought possible about themselves, their grace’s, and one another.

I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this novel or not when I first came across it. The beautiful cover and brief description convinced me to give it a try. It didn’t disappoint. All of the characters are well developed and multi-dimensional. The scenery is well visualized and described. It was a cosuming read, and I’ve already got the next one lined up to throw myself in to.

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